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  • Meet with Your NAU-Yavapai Advisor Regularly

    Once admitted to NAU-Yavapai, you are assigned an Academic Advisor who will assist you as you work toward completing your bachelor’s degree.

    You should meet with your advisor regularly, at least once a semester, to help map out your course selections, get help when you need it and answer any questions you may have on your way to earning your bachelor’s degree.

    Your Academic Advisor can:

    • Ensure you take the right courses to complete your degree on schedule.
    • Identify resources to ensure your academic success and personal development.
    • Provide support and guidance throughout your time at NAU-Yavapai.



    Schedule an Advising Appointment 

    Please use the online Appointment Planner to schedule an appointment with your Advisor

    Or call 800-426-8315 and one of our Student Service Coordinators will assist you.

    IMPORTANT: Do not drive during your appointment. Also, please be at a computer as your Academic Advisor will share documents via email and help you navigate NAU websites.


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