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  • Accelerate Your Education. Apply Today!

    Apply for admission to one of NAU-Yavapai’s three-year bachelor’s degree programs. Complete the application below and submit all transcripts as soon as possible. There is a nonrefundable $25 application fee.

    Complete this online application.

    Be sure to select NAU-Yavapai as your intended campus and then select from the four available interdisciplinary degrees:

    • Applied Human Behavior
    • Community Development and Sustainability
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Service Industry Management

    Please have your official transcripts mailed to:


    Attn: Admissions 

    7351 E. Civic Circle 

    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

    It may take up to three weeks to receive confirmation of admission to NAU after your application, transcripts and other materials are received.